DNA has G-d’s Signature

Our DNA is a Torah Scroll it is read right to left just as the Hebrew is read right to left.

Dr. Yishayahu Rubinstein, a molecular biologist in Machon Veitzman, researched human DNA cells.

He tells of an amazing thing he found. Watch in Hebrew what he discovered here.

When looking at DNA in a microscope, they look like two springs spiral around and attached to each other. As long as the connection continues, the cell is alive. 

He found that along the whole DNA there are “bridges” that keep the spirals from detaching, thereby keeping the cells alive. – Keeping US alive. 

Looking closer he says, he saw a pattern in these bridges:

10 acids, and then a ‘bridge’, 5 acids, a ‘bridge’, 6 acids, a ‘bridge’, 5 acids, a ‘bridge’. Then the pattern repeats itself. 

He tried to figure out what this pattern meant, and was in awe. A light came through the microphone!

 10 – י

5 – ה

6 – ו

5 – ה

It is incredible what Dr. Yishayahu Rubinstein discovered. One thing is certain just as an artist signs his name on his creation, the great artist of all creation, Hashem, leaves his signature on each cell in our bodies!

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