Who are we?

We are a School that allows our students to be Certified in Traditional Aromatherapy with an emphasis on Ancient Israel, Torah and Biblical Focus in Holistic Aromatics and Herbal Medicines. We are the first Hebrew Torah based Aromatherapy school established in 2012 that has an “Ancient Bible Based Aromatherapy” ®™ approach to traditional professional Aromatherapy. The two are complementary to one another.

What is the “Ancient Bible Based Aromatherapy“®™ (ABBA) Approach?

Ancient Bible Based Aromatherapy®™ ABBA is a study of Ancient Biblical Flora Aromatic Medicine and Apothecary Herbal Medicine in the context of the whole Biblical Hebrew texts of  Torah ( First Five Books), Neviʾim (All the Prophets), and Ketuvim (Rest of the writing of the Tanach ie Old Testament). We also explore texts written by Jewish Sages and Talmud, Mishna and Midrashim that back and confirm the writings and teachings Tanach (Bible) to give us a more in-depth through use and understanding how Ancient Israel used Flora Aromatic Medicine and Apothecary Herbal Medicines in their daily life.

We explore both the physical and spiritual applications according to the Torah values and teaching along with a traditional Aromatherapy practice without all the other religious influences. We get to the heart of the subject matter. 

What is our Goal Statement?

We support, foster, and educate to certify individuals to become professional Aromatherapists. We are dedicated to providing current, best practice information about the safe and effective use of essential oils and aromatic materials while incorporating a Biblical/Torah practice,  principals and values.

About the Director and Founder:

Certified Clinical
Master Aroma-therapist

Rivka Sari Ph.D in Judaic studies and Ancient Hebrew texts,  CCLA and CCMA Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist, CCT Certified Color/Chromo-Therapist, HBA Certified in Herbology and Water Soluble Medicines, SAS Sacred Anointing Specialist,  Proud Member of NAHA.

Training and certifications in safety, proper use and practice with proper testing of Essential Oils under Israel’s 40-year pioneer Master Aroma-therapist and an Israeli American Rabbi Avraham Sand of Mevo Modi’Im, Hamerkaz, Israel author of the Book “Mystical Aromatherapy. Director of Tiferet International School of Aromatherapy and Tiferet International Aromatherapy.

Studied Clinical Aromatherapy and received Clinical Aromatherapy Certification under Master Clinical Aromatherapist Dr. Laurie Blockman Ph.D. who resides in London England. Director and Founder of the Holistic Institute of London Both great teachers were trained under the world-famous Master Holistic Therapist and author, Patricia Davis, founder of the London School of Aromatherapy.

Certification from the Herbalist Apache School for the study of herbology and the practice of water-soluble medicine of Herbs and Native American Medicines.

And in 2016 Received Certification Master’s Studies as a (CMCA/CCMA) Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist and Certified Color Therapist, studied at (ICAI) International Certified Aromatherapy Institute in Canada under Marlene Mitchell (OBM). ICAI is the oldest Aromatherapy school in Canada and North America.

ICAI Certified Clinical Master Aroma-therapist Program is recognized by The Natural Health Practitioners Of Canada. Also a member of (NAHA) National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and Alliance of International Aromatherapists. Marlene Mitchell 2011 Representative of Western Canada with the Alliance of International Aromatherapists.

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