DNA has G-d’s Signature

Our DNA is a Torah Scroll it is read right to left just as the Hebrew is read right to left.

Dr. Yishayahu Rubinstein, a molecular biologist in Machon Veitzman, researched human DNA cells.

He tells of an amazing thing he found. Watch in Hebrew what he discovered here.

When looking at DNA in a microscope, they look like two springs spiral around and attached to each other. As long as the connection continues, the cell is alive. 

He found that along the whole DNA there are “bridges” that keep the spirals from detaching, thereby keeping the cells alive. – Keeping US alive. 

Looking closer he says, he saw a pattern in these bridges:

10 acids, and then a ‘bridge’, 5 acids, a ‘bridge’, 6 acids, a ‘bridge’, 5 acids, a ‘bridge’. Then the pattern repeats itself. 

He tried to figure out what this pattern meant, and was in awe. A light came through the microphone!

 10 – י

5 – ה

6 – ו

5 – ה

It is incredible what Dr. Yishayahu Rubinstein discovered. One thing is certain just as an artist signs his name on his creation, the great artist of all creation, Hashem, leaves his signature on each cell in our bodies!

Copyright Rivka Sari 2014 Tree of Life Aromatherapy School

Biblical Color Therapy

Color Therapy according to the Bible

Lesson 12 Tree of Life School of Aromatherapy Studies

By: Rivka Sari

The gems of the Ephod are debated and to which belonged to which tribe, but it was the gemstones that healed the Nation of Israel when they were unified, but when the Tribes split or even dispersed the healing powers of these stones were not as strong alone as they are together in unity. Scientific sceptics have of course dismissed the matter, but it was surprised to find a number of references to similar beliefs within the Torah, Talmud, and the Zohar.

The most obvious of these references can be found in relation to the Ephod, the breastplate worn by the Cohen Hagadol (High Priest) in the Jewish Temple, containing twelve separate stones, each of which represented a different tribe.

And you shall set it with four rows of mounted stones; the first row: a ruby, an emerald, and a topaz. The second row: a carbuncle, a sapphire, and a quartz crystal. The third row: a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst. The fourth row: a chrysolite, an onyx, and an opal. These stones shall be placed in gold settings. The stones shall contain the names of the twelve children of Israel, one for each of the twelve stones; each one’s name shall be engraved as on a signet ring, to represent the twelve tribes. (Ex. 28: 17-21)

Apart from these, two stones regarded as Oracles, the Urim and Tumim (illuminator and verifier), possibly made from Sardonyx, were inscribed with the sacred Name of G-d and inserted in the folds of the Breastplate.  It caused the letters inscribed on its stones to light up in response to queries posed by the leaders to indicate a positive or a negative response from G-d when asked a particular question.

And [Joshua] shall stand before Elazar the priest, who shall ask counsel for him after the judgment of the Urim before G-d: by this word shall they go out, and by this word they shall come in, both he, and all the children of Israel with him.(Numbers 27:21).

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“Shema is Shemen” Gather your Oil.

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From Torah Aromatherapy School Lesson 24 “Shema is Shemen” Gather your Oil.

Copyright Written By Rivka Sari 2007

The word Shema means “to listen” but it has a much deeper meaning. It means “to gather”. When we say the Shema we need to have our mind heart and soul gathered together to recite this prayer with complete Kavanna and Kodesh Lishma (compassion, strength and holy intent).

This why the Shema is wonderful when recited as a united community. This is true freedom to chose G-d’s perspective is to give all and let go. Gather your mind, heart, and soul and give it all to G-d.

When we say the first word Shema, say the word as long as it takes for you to gather all your thoughts (mind), your affections all your feelings (heart)and soul (your inner connection or inner strength).

How do we say G-d’s name? We use words like Hashem or Adonai. The words like Hashem which means “the name”, The word shem (name) is also a shoresh (root) of the word “shemen” which means “oil” this means that Hashem is our Shemen. Adonai means my L-rd or my Master.

When we cannot say G-d’s name out loud we are just pointing to that which we cannot say or pronounce. The closest thing to speaking G-d’s name out loud is “Breathing” which only has a soft sound. Reyach (to smell) breathe in through your nose and breathe out Ruach (wind, breath spirit).

At creation G-d’s name was spoken into our lungs and the only way we say give gratitude is to say G-d’s name out loud is to breathe in breathe out, then breathe in again.

When we say one “Echad” the word for one we are clearly acknowledging G-d is One and the Only One. You are Someone. You are Some of that One.

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְ.ה.וָ.ה. אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְ.ה.וָ.ה. אֶחָֽד׃

May you all have a beautiful sweet Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom

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Your Words are Powerful

“Fill yourself with G-d’s word and this will guard your Health Completely”~ RS

Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit”.

Words are seeds and you give life to what you are speaking. Eventually you will have eat that fruit from those seeds. Guard your tongue because it either gives good fruit -LIFE or bad fruit DEATH. “Power of life and death is in your Speech”   Written by Rivka Sari 2001

Science tells us that water can and do record its environment. It has a memory element to it.

Aren’t You Made Up Of Water?
Yes! 75% -80% of your body is made up of water.
Imagine how your words affect your own body.
When you say, “I’m a failure,” or “I’m hopeless,” or “I will not get well,” imagine how these words weaken your health and wellness.

Make a choice to say the best words out there. Say often, “I am wonderful,” “I am beautiful,”   “I am G-d’s child,” and  I am HIS and I am enough!”

Jewish custom is to say brochos over our foods we eat.  When I was younger I thought it was just something we religious Jews do and that it is just a nice thing. Turns out later as I got older I realize it wasn’t just a nice thing to do. When I pray over my meal, I know a material transformation takes place in the molecular level of the food that I  say the brocha over does affect my overall health.
I encourage you to speak words of truth. dethrone those lies in your mind. Throw those negative thought and beliefs away for good. Do not even stoop to that level of negative thinking.

Say, “I’m beautiful and wise.” Say, “I’m a wonderful person who will do good.” Say, “I have a great future and G-d wants that for me always.” Say, “I’m anointed and whole.”  say, “I’m strong and  I am so very blessed.”

Use your words to create your desired reality. Afterall it is what our Creator wants for us.
May your dreams come true hazlecha!

Love, Rivka

Lesson 8 Excerpt from Basic Essence Journey Course

Song of Songs 5:13

His cheeks are like beds of spices, banks of perfume, his lips are like lilies.

שיר השרים ה:יג

לְחָיָו כַּעֲרוּגַת הַבֹּשֶׂם מִגְדְּלוֹת מֶרְקָחִים שִׂפְתוֹתָיו שׁוֹשַׁנִּים נֹטְפוֹת מוֹר עֹבֵר:

BT Shabbat 88b

Rabbi Yehoshuah ben Levi said: What does it mean:  “His cheeks are beds of spices?” (Song of Songs 5:13) With every single utterance that came from the mouth of the Holy Blessed One, the whole world was filled with [the fragrance of] spices. And since the first utterance filled it, where did the second utterance go? The Holy Blessed One took the wind from God’s storehouse and brought around each [fragrance], one by one, as it is stated: “His lips are like lilies. They drip flowing myrrh.” (ibid.) Do not read “shoshanim

A Sand Lily (Pancratium maritimum) in Netanya


, rather “sheshonim” [repeat].

תלמוד בבלי שבת פח ב

ואמר רבי יהושע בן לוי: מאי דכתיב לחיו כערוגת הבשם – כל דבור ודבור שיצא מפי הקדוש ברוך הוא נתמלא כל העולם כולו בשמים. וכיון שמדיבור ראשון נתמלא, – דיבור שני להיכן הלך? – הוציא הקדוש ברוך הוא הרוח מאוצרותיו, והיה מעביר ראשון ראשון, שנאמר שפתותיו שושנים נוטפות מור עבר, אל תקרי שושנים אלא ששונים.

Sefat Emet on Bemidbar / Shavuot

In any case, every creature can sense the frangrance of Torah, just like in: “the whole world was filled with [the fragrance of] spices” (BT Shabbat 88b). This means that even those who were unable to receive the core of Torah could absorb its good fragrance, as is the case with “one who enters a spice store” [with many spices and is required to say the blessing on smelling spice (Shulhan Arukh OH 217:1)]. So too, when the Holy Blessed One descended to give Torah to Israel, everyone received the fragrance of Torah.