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Basic Aromatherapist and Safety Certification Course -Essence Journey

325-hour ACP (Aromatherapy Certification Program) allows students to become professionally qualified in the therapeutic uses of essential oils through TOLAI Studies. Our exclusive PDF curriculum includes an online textbook to download and references, access to exclusive videos, case study assignments, and dozens of blending activities.

In this powerful training program you will learn the art of highly effective Aromatherapy treatment, and how to do the most successful healing work using Organic Essential Oils. Through comprehensive study and hands-on experience, you’ll acquire knowledge of little-known techniques, and the practical applications of Aromatherapy on a professional level.

Here are some of the topics we will explore in the twelve weekly lessons:

  • The Sense of Smell
  • Become qualified in the safe and therapeutic use of essential oils.
  • Build a strong foundation for a career in aromatherapy, or to compliment an existing practice.
  • Learn to confidently consult with clients and evaluate which essential oil is appropriate and safe to use for a given situation, and more.
  • The Nature and Quality of Essential Oils
  • Extraction Methods
  • Safety Concerns
  • How to Choose the Correct Oils for a Treatment
  • Understanding the Body’s Temple through Torah
  • Formulating a Highly Effective Blend
  • Massage, Bath and Inhalation Treatments with Bible Blends
  • Natural Perfumery and Secret Bible recipes
  • Spiritual and Mystical Aspects through Bible texts learn Mystical Oils Blends
  • Learning the techniques and teachings of “Ancient Bible Based Aromatherapy“®™
  • Learn Ancient process and technique according to the Bible
  • Essential Oil Basic Chemistry
  • Twelve Essential Oils Kit
  • List of books needed to for this course
  • Weekly Torah portion of Aromatics lesson
  • The 1 2 3 Dilution Formula for quick easy Blends according to emotional state to address physical and spiritual issues.

The course requires only one to two hours a day of study per week and provides a fundamental knowledge of Ancient Bible Based Aromatherapy®™ and Essential Oils and their therapeutic properties. Each student will gain hands-on experience and cutting-edge instruction in various treatment modalities. Upon completing the Course, you will have a basic familiarity with all major forms of Aromatherapy treatment and receive a certification אישור as a Certified Aromatherapist and  Safety Specialist CAS/CA

This course is ideal for medical professionals who want that “Ancient Bible Based Aromatherapy” Approach!

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Taking Students this fall


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Advance Complete Course for Certified Clinical Aroma-therapist

Professional  Certified Clinical Aroma-therapist will  24-34 months total. Requires prior completion of TOLAI “Basic Aromatherapist annd safety Certification Course” course.

Includes Mysical aromatherapy and spiritual application course according to Torah

Biblical Herbs and Apothecary

Advanced teachings of Ancient Bible Based Aromatherapy®™

Modern and Biblical principals of Nutrition

Clinical Aromatherapy according to traditional medicine using Biblical standards

Understanding the body in Clinical Aromatherapy

Biblical Energetic medicine and Color Therapy

Ethical Guidelines and Safety

Running your own professional practice and more

How to write a Research Paper.

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 Taking New Students Sept 2023 -Registration Closed

Color Therapy according to Modern & Biblical Principal and Technique

Professional Certified Spiritual Aroma-therapist Consultant will be 6 weeks or 6 month total. Requires prior completion of TOLA “Advanced Aromatherapy Course”.

The twelve Tribes Colors and Gemstones and what that has to do with you

Rainbow Promise and Full Body Health

A Color Spectrum Chart With Frequencies and Wavelengths

The Holy Temple and Colors

The Plant Herb and Oil Connections

Plants Innate Intelligence and Colors

Smelling your Colors in nature for Total Health

Tuition $475

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Complete Body and Soul Spiritual Aromatics Studies

Professional Certified Spiritual Aroma-therapist Consultant will be 12 weeks or 12 month total. Requires prior completion of TOLA”Basic Aromatherapy Course” course.

Includes Mysical aromatherapy and spiritual application course according to Torah

Good Nutrition principals according to Torah

A Biblical understanding of the mind and the divine aromatic connections

Emotional Connection to healing with quick easy go to blends

Create products according to Ancient Bible Based Aromatherapy®™

Bible Chemistry and Temple Body medicine

See more details here Tuition $475

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Incense and Ancient Shemen Course 

This 6 weeks course will lead you through the Bible and science of scent, and different methods of releasing scent through burning and anointing. Learn how to create ancient Shemen and simple incense recipes. Learn every herb has deep healing power and frequencies and can help us to learn how to align that energy into the will of G-d. Understand the use of the Holy Temple Incense and what its purpose was for Israel.

Learn every herb has a purpose connected to this power that emanates from G-d. Herbs are connected to the stars and planets, to colors, to different gemstones, and even to the days of the week. It’s all connected and Adom and Chavah in the Garden of Eden knew this secret. This means that a knowledgeable person can use herbal incense and oils to greatly enhance their family and their own health and well-being when carrying out treatments for a wide range of health, wealth, love, healing, and much more.

Explore the Aromatherapy of Incense and the Anointing process in a whole new light.

Tuition $259

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NEW! Mystical Distilling Essential oils and Hydrosols Course August 2023

Learn all the steps in a practical way in the making essential oils and hydrosols course by means of photos, two video, descriptions and diagrams. We provide everything nessasary to get started. Learn the Biblical way distillation was done and more you will not want to miss this course.
When we hold a bottle of essential oil in our hands we could say that we are holding a physical manifestation of alchemy. We could describe this process of alchemy in the language of the elements. As plant material from the Earth is placed inside a Space of a steel or copper pot it is then mixed with Water/Steam and heated by Fire which transforms water and plant material from the Earth into an Ether vapor. This vapor condenses down into aromatic water called hydrosol and essential oil. In the end, you get this substance of complete and wonderful transformation.

Copper Still on Rimon Farms in Israel
  • The online essential oils and hydrosols is independent of time and place.
  • In the course, you will learn all the topics for making essential oils and hydrosols:
  • When should I harvest the plants?
  • Which herbs, woods etc. can I use to make oil?
  • How are the plants prepared for distillation?
  • What problems can arise and what can be done?
  • Where do I buy still for essential oil and hydrosols?
  • How does the distillation take place in detail?
  • How do you extract the essential oil?
  • How can the hydrosol and oil be further processed?
  • How to check the PH of Hydrosols and more.
  • Learn how essential oils were made in Ancient Biblical Times

$675.00 For the complete Course

(This course does not include copper still)

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Geula Medicine and Aroma Musical Course. Register by May 2023

TAKING NEW STUDENTS For June 2022 Course

Drumming in the Garden of Eden Course. Women Only!

Return to your roots. A Wholistic Journey for the mind, body, and soul. Learn the correct pathway for the building of a solid and holy feminine self to live a healthy and conscious life.

Discover where we fit into the collective greatness of all the Jewish women in the Bible that have lived before us. Learn how to experience the Garden through our senses and bring Geula now!

Learn about our connection to the Holy Temple

Master tools you have within you to bring a more powerful presence in leadership through the use of music.

Take a stroll into the Garden with us.

$375 Six-Part Course

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Home Health Comprehensive Course

A comprehensive course on natural healing at home with the help of herbs and essential oil. How to make salves, butters, and balms at in your own kitchen.
The Powerful Plan to Teach You How to Use Herbs and Healthy Nutrition You Can Add Plenty of Health Every Day to Your Home
התוכנית העוצמתית שתלמד אותך כיצד באמצעות צמחי מרפא ותזונה בריאה תוכלי להוסיף שפע של בריאות בכל יום ויום לביתך 

TAKING NEW STUDENTS  register by March 15th, 2021

NEXT Course March 2022

How to stay well all year round.


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Ancient Bible Based Aromatherapy®™ is based on the teachings of a Torah Bible-based Aromatherapy approach to understanding pure health that G-d allowed us to carry from the Garden of Eden to be passed down from generation to generation. Let’s get back to the Garden and walk with Abba our G-d and Creator in the cool of the day. Let’s learn together His Healing Torah to release His Aroma ( The Holy Ketoret) upon us now.


There are no partial payments or refunds on these courses once the student packet has been shipped and or emailed materials.

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